Saturday, September 10, 2005

What's really filling my time

I got a wonderful, marvelous, delicious nine and a half hours of sleep last night, and I feel SO MUCH BETTER! (Made possible by kids who are now somewhat self-sufficient for a bit on Saturday morning!) The last couple of weeks have been filled chock-a-block with things to do -- on deadlines. Yikes. At these times I look at my normal days and think, "I had no idea what busy really was!"

It feels good to accomplish lots of things. And yet, I couldn't keep this pace up. I'm barely keeping up with laundry and groceries, we've had take-out for dinner more than I'd like, and the (homeschooling) sit-down time with Son2 early each morning is particularly precious; it's both one-on-one time and Mommy-slow-down time.

Hurrah, the final deadlines are nearly met. Here's what I've been working on.

  • Freelance Web design subcontract work, multiple projects for a local Web design company. A chunk of time midday and much of my evenings in my home office. Has slowed down significantly this week.

  • Registration packets for the annual diocesan (statewide) convention hosted this year by my church; multiple problems with getting the mailing together. Much time spent at the church.

  • My Daughters of the King (DoK) chapter, as president this year, preparation for the upcoming year: planning, yearbook, collecting dues, figuring out membership issues, preparing for first monthly meetings (day and evening). All but the planning is new to me this year. Lots of little bits of time here and there; still working on membership and dues.

  • Godly Play Sunday school class, 4- and 5-year-olds co-teacher, preparation for the upcoming year: planning lessons, spiffing up and setting up the room for back-to-Sunday-school Sunday (tomorrow), etc. Some little bits of time, plus a chunk in the room today. I rest on the TON of organizational work, including a two-year plan, that I did previous years.

  • Both DoK and Godly Play are part of tomorrow's Rally Day and Ministries Fair at church. DoK will have a table at the Min. Fair; the Godly Play teachers will be in our classrooms to meet kids and parents. In a few minutes I'm relocating with my coffee over to the church to do that classroom spiffing up I mentioned!

    On the back burner ready to move up are a newsletter and some church-event publicity. The freelance Web work may become less intense, not sure. After tomorrow Godly Play will move into a weekly routine of memorizing/refreshing the story when it's my week to be storyteller. After this coming week the DoK stuff will move to a monthly cycle around the meetings. It's just this whole Launch The Year thing has really gotten hold of me this year!

    I'll post more on the homeschooling gig over at A Bit of Bubbly at some point today or tonight. All is well.

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