Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Time flies! Fall blows in. Art Fridays...

Too long between blog posts again, sorry! All is well, and tonight a wild wind is blowing in cool autumn air and at least a day of long-sleeves weather. We've been homeschooling for nearly a month (woohoo!) and I've gotten a bit organized and a bit buzzing with ideas, so I spent some time and energy on that stuff. I blogged about it over at A Bit of Bubbly so as not to bore you all!

Life is not as hectic, even though it's nearly as busy as a few weeks ago. I'm not perceiving my days as frantic or chaotic right now, yay. I have a lot to do over the next few days so my weekend is front-loaded with some planning for what I need to do (various activities, review my Godly Play story memorization, prep for a meeting to run, prep for a home party to host, read my book group book before the busy weekend -- yay for what I've heard is a fun and quick read: Goddess for Hire).

On Friday I'm going to introduce my now-homeschooled youngest to Mommy's recipe for a good end to the week and start to the weekend: Art Fridays! I'm getting really interested in paper art/paper crafts, and I want to do some fun art experiences with my sons, so I'm going to combine the two into a basis for Art Fridays. My youngest and I will do stuff on Friday mornings, and I hope to pull things out again most Saturdays so my oldest can join us.

This week we're either going to do some stamping on paper with household objects and foods, the current lesson over at Paperarts' Family Book Arts 101, or I'll learn to use a borrowed crafters' adhesive machine to cover playing cards with paper, like starting to make an ATC -- artists trading card. The ultimate goal with the cards is to make Days of Creation card sets for my Godly Play Sunday school kids to embellish; I have a couple of weeks to get there from here.

A week or two after the stamping, I want to do the next lesson with the kids: making an accordion-fold book using our favorites of the stamped paper. Cool!

I'm laying the paper-art/crafts groundwork for me AND for the kids by watching DVR'd episodes of DIY Network's show Scrapbooking. My youngest is already trying paper layering and putting special pages in a three-ring binder he asked for. Let's see what happens when I get out papers and we try making a little book!

I like being able to tell myself "Friday!" when I want to start digging through all of my stashed Stuff and Do Something Artsy with the kids or by myself. I'm giving myself permission to pursue these interests, whether for an hour or several Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays? with the family. And so much could fit on Art Fridays. Playdough, Fimo, Sculpey. Further knitting lessons with the kids. Making cards to give and send to others. Playing with flour on the counter, which the kids love. Watercolors and oil pastels that we own but have never tried 'cause I didn't have the nerve. Oh boy!


Emily said...

I have some very cool books on Mexican art/crafts leftover from my days at the Arizona Historical Society that you could borrow, if you're interested (and no hurt feelings if you're not).

Barbara said...

Oh Emily, I would be very interested! Especially since Los Dios de las Muertes is coming right up. I like to add some of the Hispanic Days of the Dead aspect to Halloween. So... Mexican art/craft books? Sure!