Friday, July 22, 2005

Sock doings

Somewhere in the oddly different routine of the last week or so I made a baby version of Son2's navy-blue-and-striped socks as a record (cast on 24 stitches...). And I started Son1's Harry Potter socks once I found and ordered some great colors of sock yarn for the Gryffindor scarlet and gold: Lang Jawoll cotton superwash (45% wool, 35% cotton, nylon) in variegated gold and Lang Jawoll superwash (74% wool, acrylic, nylon) in solid scarlet.

I'm adapting the Go Team! pattern from the Six Sox Knitalong to have a shorter leg, use the colors I've chosen, and spell out 'Harry' on the outside of one sock and 'Potter' on the outside of the other sock. I've completed almost all of the colorwork on the leg of sock-the-first!

Tiny hand-knit record of Son2's socks.
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Front -- well, outside side -- of the first Harry P. sock.
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Inside side of the first Harry P. sock.
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Emily said...

I love them! Just the thing to wear while snuggled up with a big long book (grin)

Barbara said...

Yep! I love the colors, too. I can imagine one of those cool flat-topped knitted hats, but I don't know about sock-weight yarn for a hat...