Thursday, September 22, 2005

Chocolate and Sudoku

That's a recipe for a sweet night's sleep. At least tonight. I've been staying up wayyyy too late (no, not eagerly exploring satellite TV and the DVR!), and by today I was Just. So. Tired. I watched the recorded (yay!) national evening news, the DVR is recording ER, dear husband is kicking back for the evening, I have no hugely pressing projects other than to catch up on sleep, I've had a delicious mouthful of semisweet chocolate chips, nothing else is calling my name... so I'm off to bed. I'll use my PDA to play several games of the math crossword-like puzzle Sudoku, check my to-do list and plans for tomorrow, and set a morning alarm. Then it'll be time for sweet dreams. Ahhhhh.

Night night.


Anonymous said...

Like sudoku? check out

Barbara said...

That's a nice site, but I really enjoy playing on my PDA with a stylus. Even better would be on paper with a pencil or pen, a la crossword puzzles!

TulipGirl said...

You know, you can print puzzles out from the sudoku site, for pencil-and-paper play.

Barbara said...

Thanks for the idea -- and I just saw a whole table at Barnes & Noble filled with Sudoku books. I thought about it a bit, and decided I really like the features of the PDA version I got from I can make little notes in each square on its possibilities, and remove them with a tap of the stylus. I decided to register because the the intro offer is half price, and it gave me access to many hundreds of puzzles in downloadable packs, either a mix of levels or any of 5-6 packs for each difficulty level. Yay!

On the other hand, one of those Sudoku books might find its way into Son1's Christmas stocking :)