Wednesday, September 21, 2005

TV freedom, and no, I didn't throw it out

...we got a DVR ("TiVo"), or digital video recorder, when we switched our TV service from cable to satellite yesterday. We've wanted to do this for years, but just couldn't squeeze the budget to do it. The current DirecTV + DVR offer is so good that we'll be out of pocket just $19.99 in up-front costs, and about $11 more per month for the DVR and a regular DirecTV receiver for my husband's little den ("room of his own").

Dear husband and I played around with the satellite TV and DVR last night, and then this morning I spent some time setting it up for one of my major DVR goals: cutting the kids off from junk kid TV. Now it'll record the kid shows *I* choose -- lots from PBS, a few NickJr shows, a very few Playhouse Disney, and a select few just-fun shows -- Kim Possible and Jimmy Neutron. No more temptation by SpongeBob, woohoo!

I added some other kid shows that look interesting -- especially on the Science channel, Discovery Channel, and so on. And NOVA! After that I took some time to set it up to record the shows dear husband and I watch semi-faithfully; most are starting their new seasons this week and I think I've got all of them set up. I may record a bit of morning news and the evening local news; I always miss them and being able to watch them with my finger poised on the fast-forward button would actually be nice.

I really wanted to get a bunch of recordings set up so we could switch ASAP to watching recorded shows we chose rather than whatever's on live TV. Son2 was quite content to choose his show from the 7-8 great choices I had for him by post-lunchtime. Yay!

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