Sunday, February 20, 2005

She knits!

My first knitting project in 15 years! And my first finished knitting project ever!
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On that retreat-like overnight in early February I made this scarf from these two items. I made it wider than recommended because I wanted to, and shorter because that's when I ran out of the first half-skein ball of the deep orange/red eyelash and I decided it was a nice length. The skein is Lion Brand Homespun in Corinthian 345, and the ball of red eyelash yarn is of unknown origin. The organizer split the eyelash skeins in half, so I got two half-skein balls without the label, oh well. I've been wearing the scarf ever since, happy happy joy joy!

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I love this scarf! It's the same main yarn as my first (Lion Brand Homespun in Corinthian 345), but with blue eyelash yarn (Yarn Bee Wild Child in chambray) from the project stash given to me by another retreat member. She was definitely NOT bitten by the knitting bug. I really like this combination! Eight stitches across, and it won't be a very long scarf because I'm running out of eyelash. I don't mind at all; I have several well-loved handwoven LONG scarves, so short is nice and new for me.

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This is my choice for a post-scarf beginner project. It's going to be a little purse/bag, in a yarn chosen so I can actually SEE my stitches and what I'm doing. It's 2/3 cotton, 1/3 acrylic, and it definitely feels cottony but still stretches enough so I'm not fighting it all the time. It's a slightly warmer color than in the photo -- a yellow that's nearly pale peach. I wouldn't wear this color as a top (shudder) but would be happy to enjoy it as a little spring bag.

That hole will be the handle on one side. Two strands of Cabana, and I can already see it'll be less chunky than the original Rag Bag at Georgia's onmymind blog. Maybe I'll just have to make another!

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Emily said...

So glad you're enjoying the knitting. I'm on a Lenten yarn diet (LOL)--trying to be content with what I already have. Have fun!