Saturday, December 10, 2005

Weekend plans, knitting news

This weekend is all about the birthday parties. And the knitting. And probably a real effort at pulling together a Christmas card design. In between birthday party forays, of course.

This morning I took both boys to a birthday party at an inflatables place, where they bounced and slid and played live, well-padded Rock'm Sock'm Robots with each other. This evening it'll be a bowling birthday party for Son1, and us if we'd like to bowl too. Tomorrow afternoon we're off with both boys to another friend's at-home birthday party.

In the meantime, I made a plan for knitting myself a hat! I need an easy knitting project, since all of the coffee to-go cup sleeves are done and I'm back to colorwork sock knitting -- which requires some focus. I decided to park the toe of Son1's first Harry Potter sock and cast on for the second sock. He's a growing boy, so I finally decided to wait on the toe of sock No. 1 until I was at the toe of sock No. 2. Anyway, I've started a hat for me for a second project.

I did some online research yesterday, printed out a bunch of things, and decided to use most of the colors of my Brown Sheep Company's Top of the Lamb sportweight wool stash. I want to make a flat-top fair isle hat like this with similar fair isle/colorwork action and purl stripes, and I want to knit it top down, following Susan's Live Dangerously, Don't Swatch Hat pattern. That meant I needed to look up and learn Emily Ocker's cast-on for the center of a circular piece, which worked great last night. I'm also using some top-down-hat tips from Lucia.

I'm using deep navy blue as the background color, and I pulled out the light blue, yellow, deep red, and white as possibilities for the purl stripes and some colorwork on the side of the hat. I plan to vary the background color as in the fair isle hat in the first link above. I'm a little concerned about the light weight of the sportweight wool yarn, but the stranded colorwork should make those parts of the hat warmer. I'll keep that in mind as I invent the hat! Basically I'm going to invent things as I go along. Oh my. I'm excited!

Next, a Christmas card design. Probably work on that tonight and tomorrow early afternoon. Hmm.

By the way, the arctic air is gone and the snow is nearly gone even in the north-facing gutters and roof nooks; it's 55F today and sunny!

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