Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Quick update, big things

First big thing: Today is my first day homeschooling Son2; I withdrew him from kindergarten at the big "neighborhood" school this morning right after we dropped off Son1 at our former neighborhood's little elementary school to continue in fourth grade there. Last night I set up a homeschool blog called A Bit of Bubbly over at Homeschoolblogger.com, so I can talk about that stuff ad nauseum and not bore you all! We did some reading and, er, number literacy (counting and such) this morning, and he fairly zipped through the second of our phonics readers, yay! Then he got to go play with his friend next door who is in afternoon kindergarten -- Very Big Plus, let me tell you, to homeschooling, at least today!

The other big thing: Over the last week or 10 days a lot of my "free" time has been filled with freelance Web design work for a local Web design company. Whew, I'd forgotten lots of my little things to speed up my design work, but I'm back on track now. We're taking it project by project, seeing how we work together. By the end of the week, with Hurricane Katrina saddening and shocking me daily, it was a draining week -- but I accomplished much. I like the work and that it pushes me to do much more Web design than I had been. Who knows what will come of mixing this and the homeschooling and seeking balance and simple living. Hmm.


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