Thursday, September 15, 2005

Gas prices, arrgh

Lowest-price gas (regular unleaded) in our Oklahoma town was $2.29/gallon when I went to Washington state July 25, where the prices crept up from 2.49 to 2.56 while we were there. To my surprise when we arrived home August 16, here in Oklahoma the low price has skipped upward about 20cents, to $2.49. It continued to surge upward, and was about $2.69 the day before Hurricane Katrina made landfall. Then gas prices spiked, reaching 3.09 a few days afterward.

Gas held stead at that price for about two weeks. A few days ago it started falling by 6 to 10 cents a day! But wait, there's more: the price drops in the last 36 hours have been remarkable. Today I personally saw gas at 2.57 a bunch of places, and friends saw it at 2.49. A SIXTY CENT drop in a week?!?!?!? Tell me there wasn't some gouging going on here. Grrr. And my dear husband pointed out how interesting it is that now we feel $2.49 a gallon is a bargain. Arrgh.

Not much more to say tonight. Our windows are open and I get to enjoy, not only cool breezes, but the night sounds! We heard a freight train go by (half a mile away). Now it's all crickets and other chirping things. The first true break in summer weather!

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