Thursday, September 01, 2005

Let us lament

In the devastating wake of Hurricane Katrina, my life is unaffected (except for the price of gas, $2.97 today), but there is a deep undercurrent of grief.

What can I do? I can send money. I can pray. I can attempt to answer my kids' questions, both asked and unasked. Today I made a new Violence, Disaster, and War page on my site Faith at Home, and changed the front page to point to faith-oriented disaster/trauma resources. I'll send out an email newsletter about it to my readers. I'll put some good links out there on my church's Web site and email list. I'll see what I can do through my church and my MOMS Club chapter. And yet... grief.

Today I read a sermon that a friend mentioned fits really well this week even though she wrote it at another time. If your heart, like mine, is breaking every time you hear or see news coverage of the results of Katrina, please read Raewynne's sermon.

Erd_donatenew_wht Since today is a Blogging for Katrina day, here's a really good avenue for donating money. And there are a ton more possibilities at Instapundit's roundup.

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