Thursday, September 29, 2005

Go read: 30 Days to Becoming an Opera 8 Lover

Opera has been my primary Web browser for several years now. I was a loyal Netscape user "forever." Now I like Firefox okay, and I will reluctantly fire up Internet Explorer for must-visit sites that break in Opera (their design staff's fault!), but Opera is wonderful. My dear husband prefers some Mac thing on his Apple laptop, but I sing the praises of Opera. Easy, helpful, great useful features... learn about all about it at:

30 Days to Becoming an Opera 8 Lover

The earlier version, 30 Days to Becoming an Opera Lover (version 6, I think?), convinced me to try Opera and I LOVED it. I applied for and received free registration as a member of the Web design community, so that made me even happier, but now Opera 8 is FREE for everyone.

Go check it out, especially if you use Internet Explorer, shudder...

No ads. Better browsing


sdWTMer (Julie in San Diego) said...


Thank you so much for this!!! I love the web browser. I have been using the Mac Safari, but I really love the display on Opera sooooo much better.



Barbara said...

You're welcome! I really do love Opera :)