Sunday, March 13, 2005

It's almost a sock!

Whaddaya know, it's gonna be a sock. Too fun.
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Now I'm in the easy part -- the foot, all stockinette, knit knit knit around and around. I've tried the sock on multiple times, to the amusement of my dear husband and kiddos (and me, too). It's just the right height for me, a couple of inches above the ankle bone.

Check out the short-row heel turn. This whole heel thing was a lot of new stuff to learn, and yet the short-row heel turn was easy, really it was. So why am I so proud of this?? Well, it's the whole heel thing, really.
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Before starting the heel flap I studied my pattern and related tips (Starter Stockinette in Knit Socks!), as well as a four-double-pointed-needle pattern I found online (Socka Sock Pattern) that has helpful descriptions of what's happening when, and was written for what I'm using, FOUR double-pointed needles. Between the two of them I figured out enough to plunge into the heel flap.

Throughout the heel, whenever I was struggling it helped tremendously to sit in front of the computer and work along with the extremely helpful pictures and instructions of Socks 101. Finally I printed the relevent pages and added them to my sock info arsenal in my bag.

Here's a better look at the right-side gusset and how it all goes together.
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THIS is the part that was beyond my understanding for a bit, despite pouring over the pattern and tips, the other pattern, and Socks 101. I couldn't think through the picking up of the stitches along the heel flap, and was all turned around as to which way to hold the knitting now! Finally I decided that clearly I had to DO it and learn by doing. That did the trick! Along with examining... undoing (I got turned around at one point in the picking up of stitches and knit the wrong direction!)... redoing... examining... etc. After a couple of little gusset rows I was off and knitting with more confidence once again.

Now I'm eager to finish this sock (decreases! grafting the top and bottom together to make the toe!) and knit the other. I want to solidify what I've learned and maybe go on to a sock in merino wool, but in a solid color so I can try twisted rib or some other fun textured thing. I want to continue a textured pattern down the heel flap, or maybe try an all-short-row heel that doesn't have a gusset. Fun!

Knit knit knit...

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