Saturday, May 07, 2005

Still knitting sock-the-first for Son2

I'm sort of stuck on the gusset of sock-the-first for Son2 (my first sock using sock/finger weight yarn). I've gotten used to the navy blue yarn and the thin yarn now. But... last week I decided I needed to rip back to the beginning of the gusset so I could "disappear" my many mistakes with the decreases. I was carefully knitting along this week, and then I realized I must've had a brain freeze every time I got to the right-side gusset -- I'd done no decreases in about 6 rows. Well, there might be one really nice, nearly invisible decrease, but this doesn't match my beautiful left-side gusset at all. I thought about trying to drop down those stitches and do the decreases with a crochet hook, but that would be crazy.

So today I'm going to rip it back again and put stitch markers in. What I should've done the second time! (Never mind the first time, LOL!) One good thing: this doesn't really bug me too much. I know it won't take long to redo these 8-10 rows. The only glitch is that I'd rather use my slightly smaller aluminum needles to pick up the stitches of this acrylic yarn, but my only smaller set is occupied with the start of my lacy sock. The slipperiness of the metal is so helpful for slipping into the loose stitches -- maybe I'll try the next size of those needles. Dunno.

Anyway, that's where I'm at.

UPDATE: I ripped back, then picked up one needle's worth of stitches at a time on my spare metal needle, slipped them onto my bamboo needle, and repeated for the other three bamboo needles' stitches. Yay -- and we're off!

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