Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Baseball meal ideas, Chinese chicken salad

Tonight after the baseball games we had an old warm-weather favorite: Chinese chicken salad. Everything was more or less in the fridge awaiting our return from tonight's baseball games, and we put it together at the table for dinner.

Salad greens -- today we had great stuff, romaine, red leaf lettuce, and oakleaf lettuce (local, fresh, bought-with-roots this morning at the farmers market), washed thoroughly and spun dry. Torn into pieces just before dinner.

Cooked chicken breast -- thawed and gently cooked in the microwave, then put in the fridge doused with plenty of asian dressing. Sliced just before dinner.

Asian dressing, from a little recipe booklet -- vegetable oil, apple cider vinegar (I never have rice wine vinegar), soy sauce, honey, dark sesame oil, dry mustard, and ginger. YUM!

A dish of peanuts and a dish of cashews.

Put it all together at the table and eat! A delicious, light meal that even our kids love. We usually have shredded carrots in the salad, sometimes snow peas and radishes, whatever I find. I just didn't have much salad stuff today.

The asian dressing is out-of-this-world yummy on hot rice, by the way. Hmmm, gotta remember that, too.

ANOTHER idea: granola bars, the really crisp and crunchy, oat-y ones. Turns out my boys love them! That might work really well, with sides of yogurt or string cheese, and fruit.

I'm feeling somewhat better about this on-the-go meal thing!

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