Saturday, May 21, 2005

Hot, hot, hot!

Well, at least Oklahoma-in-May hot. Say, 99F yesterday, I think. A lovely 82F at 9:30 am this morning became a spicy 97F now, at 4 pm. Gee, last week we were enjoying highs in the mid 80s, lows in the low 60s -- gorgeous late spring weather. This week is the flip side, I suppose!

We had three-plus hours of baseball last night: Son1 had a regular game (7 pm, low hot sun and a slight breeze; lots of sports drink for the kids) and a rain-makeup game (8 pm, sun had just set), and Son2 had a rain-makeup game (9 pm, in full darkness so under the lights). We enjoyed it all, and then went home and everyone crashed. We got up at 9:30 today!!! much refreshed. No practices today, hurrah, so we're hanging out all day with our guests. Just the thing for all of us.

We have out-of-town guests, so for their sakes the air conditioning at home is set a bit cool. Normally we keep the a/c set pretty high to save money and energy, so I'd be at my loft office on the computer *sweating* lightly, or waiting until evening, and when downstairs, I'd especially enjoy the cool of the finished concrete floors on my bare feet. In cooler temps I can knit more easily: the yarn doesn't stick to my fingers like it did last night at the earlier games...

Yesterday and today I made a tray of nibbles for mid-afternoon snack. Yesterday my focus was salt, fruit, and liquids 'cause Son1 had had an all-day outdoor field trip at the zoo (99F!). So, watermelon chunks, orange slices, some mixed nuts, tortilla chips, and potato chips, a special treat. Today my focus was a good mini meal: watermelon chunks, orange slices, mixed nuts, bite-size pieces of crispy granola bars, and carrot sticks and radish slices. Son1 and Son2 ignored the orange slices and radishes, but gobbled the other up, yay. I had some of everything :)


momee2two said...

Tell me more about your finished concrete floors! I'm anxious to get rid of the carpet, but can't afford the hardwood or tile just yet. A fellow sweating okie :)

Emily said...

Too hot! Please tell me it's not always like this.

And where is the farmer's market? In Norman or OKC?

We'll have to find a way to meet up soon in some air conditioned place.

Barbara said...

I'll blog about the concrete floors :)

Emily, it's not always this hot -- often it's even hotter! Well, and often cooler than this, too, in May: 80s and some 90s. June: 90s and some 80s. July and August: 90s and 100s. Sept: 90s and 80s. And then fall blows in.

Mornings, until about 8:30 am, are wonderful. Also evenings from sunset on. I am thankful for the Oklahoma wind; hot, still days are tough days.

The farmer's market I go to is in my town. There is one in OKC somewhere, and I gather that it's fairly big.