Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A few updates

Ball glove: we're shopping for a baseball glove for me! I requested it for Mother's Day, so that's my gift from the boys. Yay! A friend tossed me an orange I wanted to slice up, and I caught it without thinking twice. Double yay!

Baseball dinners: I'm moving to our summer meal setup for the after-baseball dinners at home. Pasta salad in the fridge. Roasted, grilled, or poached chicken in the fridge to slice and have on/with a green salad with lots of veggies, all prepped and ready in the fridge.

As for dinners at the ball fields, I'm still studying that! The kids like string cheese and one kid likes peanut butter rollups (with tortillas). I think deli sandwiches (meaning -- roast beef, turkey, ham from the deli counter) would work great. And maybe a piece of fruit (apple, banana, peach, nectarine). Hmm.

Books: I enjoyed the first Artemis Fowl book and gave it my approval for Son1 to read. Now he's read the first three. I don't think he knows the fourth just came out...

Son1 read Stone Fox yesterday, this week's book for his class reading group, and wanted to talk about it afterward. Turns out he gets teary-eyed when he thinks about the ending (sad, he says). We talked about it a bit, and I'm going to read the book today if I can. On the way to school this morning he was still talking about this book, saying it was a really good book!

At the library this week I picked up a three-books-in-one illustrated volume of Pippi Longstocking books, read the beginning of the first book to Son2 and enjoyed it, and then discovered Son1 well into the first book last night in his reading time. It has a great layout and great illustrations. Fun!

Son1 is reading a bit of Oklahoma historical fiction, based on a true story. I stumbled across a glowing mention of this book, looked it up on Amazon, and found it in the library catalog. Stop the Train! is set in the Oklahoma panhandle during the landrun for that area. Yay -- regional history!

Son1 hasn't realized that I borrowed the last Redwall book from the library. It's on his library-book shelf, waiting...

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