Friday, May 06, 2005

Good day, sunshine!

This morning I woke pretty easily and realized -- it's sunny! Well, that early-morning bright sky thing was happening, but a clear sky and daylight meant -- sunshine today!!! I've gotten reasonable sleep most nights, been uncomfortably busy most days, eaten kind of well, and was soooo bone tired all week. Today -- I realize it was cloudy and gloomy all week. I wonder if I would've felt a little better if I'd simply sat outside and caught some solar goodness through the clouds. Ooops! 'Cause today I'm not feeling energetic, but I AM cheerful.

Good day, sunshine!

Random oddment

Yesterday, as we headed home after a playgroup date, Son2 was playing in the back seat of the car by zooming Son1's bookmark and saying in his best superhero-announcer voice, "I am the amazing bookmark! I will destroy the evil guys!" (zoom, zoom, zoomedy zoom) Hehehe -- what fun!

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