Thursday, May 12, 2005

May flowers

This is what my front garden bed looked like in eary April. The marigolds I bought looked great then, but as of today they are dying due to moles digging up the garden bed. ARRGH!
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The coreopsis in my front garden bed are now blooming! The pansies are still going, too, and the yellow-flowering daylilies on the far side have promise for later. You can't see the I-forget-what-perennial in three places in the middle; this summer it ought to make nice arching branches of daisy-like yellow flowers as it used to do in the back yard. What I need now is some good scarlets and wine reds, and some deep orange reds (the fried marigolds were providing that, but alas). As planned, it would look great against our light gray brick house. Hmmm. Anyway, I enjoy the coreopsis!
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