Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Moments of clarity

I am so tired. Deadlines met, a bit of a bank account crisis/mystery solved, kid wrangling and shlepping done, meeting attended, too little sleep, and... I am going to take a long hot shower and enjoy some coffee before another bustling, hectic day.

In the midst, though, for some reason I am really noticing my sons. Son1 and I were talking about a book, Stop the Train, that we just borrowed from the library. The book is a based-on-true story about Oklahoma land-run settlers who depend on train service for their new town, but the train owner refuses to stop at their location so they attempt to make the train stop. His thinking process about how to stop a train with greased tracks was soooo similar to mine. Weird and fun. And he is such a wonderful big boy.

Son2 was telling me about something (lost already in my blurry mind this a.m.) and I simply enjoyed looking at his face, seeing his eyes and how he warmed up to telling me this tale. Love, love, love this boy.

Dear husband made his family recipe snickerdoodle cookies last night (after the kids were in bed) so Son2 could take some as his class snack today. The boys love it when Daddy does this!! Maybe even better than Mommy making cookies for them, I think. Such a special treat, and oh, did it smell wonderful last night! Such a good dad.

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