Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Time for Vitamin D?

Today I realized that I'm starting to drag. As in drag down, get dragged down, slow down, slog along. If it's not cured by a couple of nights of at least eight hours of sleep, eating good food and drinking plenty of water, I'll buy some "stress" vitamins to catch up on my B-complex vitamins and such, and I'll have to kick myself outside to play with the kids or take them along on walks, regardless of the weather. That's the vitamin D thing. All this to avoid my mini-seasonal depression thing that I've successfully dodged the last several years and Really Don't Want to deal with again.

Sleep. Colorful veggies, complex carbs, protein, oranges, water. Good vitamins. Outdoor activity and sunlight.

I ought to feel better after a week of that. Hmm.


dazeymae said...

do you go to a tanning salon?
I have found that lying in the fake sun in the middle of the winter helps me with my mini-winter depression. I am, evidently, someone who needs the sun, fake or not.
Seriously, my husband gave me gift certificates for Christmas to a tanning salon. When momma's happy....everybody's happy.

Barbara said...

I don't use tanning beds, no. I prefer going for a walk or playing with the kids outdoors; it's free, and I receive bonuses of exercise, time focusing on the kids, breathing good outdoor air, and generally enjoying the outdoors -- birds, clouds, wintry scenes, plants, etc.

I only need about 30 minutes of direct sunlight on my skin each day in winter (I think) to make the vitamin D I need, and that Actual Sunshine is pretty powerful stuff. If I spend that time outside in the morning, I think it helps with the seasonal thing even more than at other times of day.

Hmmm. I'm convincing myself -- now I'm actually interested in going for a walk!

dazeymae said...

I agree with the direct sunlight.
It's the best. It always reminds me of how great God is ...that sun soaked feeling.... ummmmm.
I, however, must work at the paying job, as opposed to the non-paying-mom-job, during daylight hours, so the trade off is the 'fakey-bakey'.
It was just a suggestion, I certainly didn't mean to offend.

Barbara said...

No offense taken, Margarett -- I just need free, and outdoors, in my circumstances. And, of course, I write to remember/remind *myself* why it is I want to do it :)

pregnancyweekly said...

Sounds like you have a good remedy! :)