Friday, February 25, 2005


I'm spending the day in the company of my husband and kids, nibbling on saltines and grateful to be keeping them down! Late yesterday evening I started throwing up ("et cetera"), and dear husband reported that Son1 started the same only a few minutes later. Sigh. That went on most of the night.

Stalwart dear husband has been washing lots of laundry (Son1 was asleep in bed when his started up), slept downstairs on the sofa to be closer to Son1, stayed home from work, and now that everything has settled down he is hanging out with the kids and playing a GameCube game. I was headed out of town for an overnight today/tonight -- NOT! Good thing that yesterday I made lots of bread, and baked oatmeal, and a big batch of dear husband's favorite Mexican rice (because I was going to be away!).

We think dear husband had the same thing in a different form (dizzy, queasy, slept all day) last Saturday, and Son2 definitely had this on Tuesday. I think our family might be done with it?!?

I just had to share :)

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