Monday, January 31, 2005

Textile delights in a time out of time

This Saturday I'll be sitting inside or outside (not sure of the weather forecast) at our diocesan retreat center in rural Oklahoma, possibly enjoying the lake view or maybe the warmth of the sun or my very packable down coverlet, talking, laughing, maybe reading, and definitely enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. This is a diocesan "nurturing weekend" for two Christian formation people per parish (Christian education directors, youth leaders, or someone else they choose -- that's the category for me and the other person from my parish, this year). We are required to leave ALL job- and church-related work at home, so I will be without my usual myriad "to-do"s.

As a result, at some point I will DEFINITELY have a needlework project in my lap. I mean, what is left under those restrictions, away from home and not being able to bake, garden, or any other less-than-portable projects? Well: needlework, reading for pleasure, music, relationships/conversation, prayer, and opportunities to be still, quiet, alone.

When I get out my needlework projects, maybe I'll choose the last wine-dark stitches in a heart for my Valentine's boy, about to turn five, and then start the complicated and fun series of specialty stitches that create a frame around the heart.

Perhaps I'll set a few more stitches in my series of tiny colonial-style "welcome" samplers in a vertical row. As I recall, I'm nearly to the last sampler, so there's some stitching to do yet.

There is a possibility of working on the big cross worked in gray silk fibers to be appliqued onto a stole, but that may be too church-obligation-y. Not sure about that.

A wonderful thing will be learning to knit (or relearning; it's been more than 10 years since my last attempt) with fat needles and surprise variegated yarn. One of the organizers of this overnight away-from-it-all has asked us by email what color yarn we'd like, if we were to want to knit this weekend... and she's planning to bring it all and teach those interested. Wow! How fun!

No computer. No children. No housework. No Sunday preparation. No Web site maintenance. No church duties at all. No work for my other volunteer stuff. I always miss my husband and boys when I'm away overnight, but it's for just over 24 hours -- a nice length of time.

I'm busy all week, but on Saturday morning I'll be on my way!

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Emily said...

And the knitting fever strikes again. . .

Have fun. Sounds like a wonderful time.