Monday, February 07, 2005


You know the retreat is over when, on the drive home, you get news by cellphone that Son2 has hit the fireplace hearth with his jaw and dear husband is whisking him off to the urgent care center 'cause he's bleeding from a nice gash inside his mouth. That was Sunday afternoon, and my friend dropped me off at the emergency room, to which dear husband and Sons1and2 had been sent by the urgent care folks in case the gash ought to be stitched up under sedation. So, we all said hello to each other in the ER, and waited together as various medical folks checked in Son2, assessed him, and pronounced him okay to heal on his own without the assistance of stitches or whatever. Yay. Got home and heard from my friend, whose two little boys had begun battling a stomach virus (throwing up, etc.), thus welcoming her home in an oh-so-concrete way. We agreed that next time we come back from such a retreat it'll be stealthily, by cover of night perhaps, after all children are asleep. Maybe that would help?!? At least we're laughing, a lot, about this!

GREAT photos at MagnumPhotos of His Holiness (is that the right honorific?), Pope John Paul II, over the years. He looked amazingly youthful and lively in the 70s and early 80s -- I barely remember, so it's really neat to see these wonderful photos.

I did knit a scarf this weekend at the retreat. In daylight tomorrow I'll take a picture of it as well as the two fibers I knit together to make the scarf. I love, love, love it, and I plan to try starting another tonight or tomorrow. I want to learn better how to cast on.

I had a meeting at the library tonight, and afterward I got some recommendations from a children's librarian and came home with an armload of books for Son1 (to give him nice breaks from All Redwall All the Time) and for me. More details later.

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A Touch of Style said...

Sometimes I don't think that there is a worse way to hear bad news is when you are a long way from home. What else can you think about?? Glad that he is on the mend. Your blood pressure must have been through the roof!

A Touch of Style :)