Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I own handknit socks -- thanks, Mom!

I've been looking at handknit sock examples on blogs and on commercial sites, and yesterday I got a shock: I saw a pair of socks that I own! Apparently the yarn is a self-patterning deal, called (something something mumble) Jacquard -- I forgot to bookmark the Web page. Last year my mom gave me two pair of socks, one pair in this pattern, I mean yarn, and one pair in another yarn. I don't know where she bought them, but how cool to have handknit socks.

I've been looking at the actual design of each pair today; they're two different designs. I wore one of each today so I could take a picture. (Notice the book Knit Socks! in the background...) The one on my right foot is the "shock of recognition" sock, with narrow ribbing on the leg that buckles where it stops at the ankle, and similar ribbing down the back of the heel. The other sock has wider ribbing on the leg that continues down the top of the foot, and narrow ribbing down the back of the heel. I much prefer the colors of the right-hand sock; all winter long I've been wishing I had more violet and deep blue clothing to go with these particular socks, heehee. Thanks, Mom!!

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