Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Book stack changes

So here's the thing. I knit something from start to FINISH at the retreat last weekend, and therefore must borrow every book on knitting in the library system! Not quite, but... I just placed a bunch of holds online and we'll see what the books look like when I lay hands and eyes on them in a couple of days. For now, I got the knitting books that were on the library shelf last night, perused them last night and today, and will return them this afternoon. They were more in the inspiration and oooh, ahhh category, so turnaround is fast when I'm on a search-and-discovery mission like this.

I also picked up the Secrets of Angels and Demons, a book of in-depth essays about various topics in Dan Brown's Angels and Demons -- which is the next book in our MOMS Club book group. I borrowed The Bones of St. Peter based on a rave review I read somewhere. Of course I remember nothing now, except that it was highly, highly recommended and caught my eye.

A while ago I borrowed A Family of Value, by John Rosemond, to see what Rosemond is up to nowadays. It looks like an appeal specifically to the conservative religious right, which I'm not thrilled about. Nothing like narrowing your audience focus to lose some of us outside that focus. Anyway, I'll try to plug my mental ears and skip all of his typical screed against psychologist and parenting of the 60s and 70s. Been there, raised amid that, read his polemic in every book of his when I was a new parent, find it oh so tiresome. Usually I find plenty of good stuff in his actual parenting advice; we'll see how this more recent book is.

*I* plan to read Chasing Vermeer, a kids' art-history-mystery-and-math/logic story that looks very cool! Son1 can get to it after me, thankyouverymuch...

Son1 didn't really like the DK (Doring-Kindersley) book Children's Night Sky Atlas, but it's astronomy season with these lovely dark winter evenings, so I put in a library request for the National Audubon First Field Guide to the Night Sky and will pull out my own children/family/beginner astronomy and night sky books.

Oh! Time to open the library's online catalog again and request my favorite garden-work book, Caring for Perennials: What to do and when to do it, by Janet Macunovich (I need to own this book!). Reason? It's now late winter in the southern Great Plains, and in my twice-daily drive that takes me past an excellent local landscape designer's home, I see that he has cut back the winter foliage and cleaned up his front beds -- I've got to get cracking on mine!

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