Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Vomitrocious, and a knitting moment

Who is it who says "vomitrocious"? Is it Francine in the Arthur cartoons on PBS? Well, that was our day yesterday. Son2, just turned 5, spent the day with a tummy ache and throwing up. Mostly dry heaves after the first couple of hours. Poor kiddo. This morning we're easing him onto solid food. I'm tuckered out just like he was yesterday; he's a chipper guy today -- you can really tell he feels better AND has a decent amount of liquid in him at last. We may spend some serious time on the sofa together, wrapped up in a blanket and hanging out.

Last night I adding purling to my knitting repertoire -- I think. I'd read a bunch of descriptions and decided to knit 1, purl 1 for the bottom of my bag/little purse. It's fun! After the casting off for the handle, I began to see how fun it might be to work fancy stitches, moving stitches around between the two needles and doing various things with the working yarn, etc. Indeed, last night was fun! I did discover I needed to mumble "purl" "knit" "purl" "knit" to keep myself focused on what I was doing and where the working yarn needed to be. I see moss stitch and that checkerboard thing and cabling in the dim distance, whee!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that your little one suffers so on his birthday...feel better and try to get some rest, soon!

(Liz @ This Full House)