Friday, February 11, 2005

Sleep, glorious sleep

Tip for today: sleep is essential!

Last week I was soooo dragging down, and one of the things I vowed to do was get more sleep. I haven't been completely successful, but once I started getting more than seven hours of sleep I didn't feel so slogging-through-the-day tired. My personal need for sleep is eight hours a night, which means I have to pack myself off for bed promptly at night rather than dilly-dallying around. It is very much worth it, though, so I continue to aim for hitting the sack by 10:30 pm.

It would be quite wonderful if I could get enough rest to be able to get up easily at 6:45 am each morning. Dashing out of bed at 7:15 and zooming around to get kids fed and Son1 to school and me back home, when I'm not very awake or rested in the first place, brings me home around 8:15 uninterested in doing anything productive for another hour, at least. More sleep = being more active and a better start to the day? I wonder.

Of course, last night I turned out the light around 11:15? and the night before I lost track of time while I happily enjoyed Wife Swap comments at the forums... until 1 am. Then dear husband said, "um, hon, you're still up?!?" Eeeek!


Amy said...

Good luck! I know how hard it is when that evening time slips away so quickly w/o realizing. :)

portuguesa nova said...

I have fallen victim to the black hole that is TWOP more times than I care to remember.