Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Windows open -- scents and sounds

I've been out and about today, using the car to get people to school, work, library, school, and (me) home. The weather is warm and springlike; yesterday was very warm, perhaps in the mid 70s F. After a very mild night last night, today it's in the mid 60s with the same clear, bright blue sky and gentle breezes as yesterday. This means windows open -- at home and in the car.

On the way home, perhaps because I was alone in the car after dropping Son2 off at school, I began to think about the unusual and unexpected scents I'd noticed so far today.

Cut wood as we drove by the new development down our street -- I wonder if it's due to the sun warming the wood framing on the six or seven apartment buildings being constructed.

Skunk from a road kill (sorry!). With the warmer temps, the animals seem to be on the move and the road count is definitely higher than zero, let's say.

Hot iron or steel, whatever railroad rails are made from. We cross the long-distance north-south train tracks through our town numerous times every day. Near one crossing a crew was standing around a foot-high metal cylinder that was perched on one rail, with flames coming out the bottom! A repair under way, I assumed. The scent made me think of iron smelting, and Son2 said it smelled just like paint. He was right, it did smell like tempera paint!

I also heard sounds. The traffic around me, more up close and personal than when the car windows are down. The wind rushing past the open car windows. Every time I got out of the car, I heard birds singing, and I hear them again through the open windows of the house. I can also hear people talking and kids playing at the park and playground behind our house.

I love spring and fall when the house is opened up after months of being closed up to keep warm in winter or cool in summer. And a beautiful, sunny day, to boot! The boys and I are definitely spending some time outside this afternoon.

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