Thursday, June 30, 2005

Now, about those socks

I went to a local knitting group Monday night. My knitting project for the evening was to pick up the heel flap stitches on Son2's navy blue sock and set up for the gusset decreases. Mission accomplished, and now I'm making excellent progress on the gusset decreases, yay! I'm aiming to finish the sock by the end of the weekend, so this is my project for all spare moments in daylight (it's navy blue yarn...).

In other sock knitting news, though, I frogged (rip it, rip it) my lace sock back to the third row. In other words, I undid all of the lace and started it over. I thought I'd messed up the yarnovers in the first pattern repeat, and decided redo the lace from the beginning. It turned out the same the second time! So I guess my yarnovers were fine. My new thought is that it's something about my tension on that first needle in each new row of the lace pattern. Now I'm trying to relax a bit on that needle. So... I am just now getting back to the point you see in that most recent progress photo. Oh well.

Thanks to our trip to cooler Washington state, I'm planning to wear these socks with my new pale-blue Birk knockoffs. (A friend picked them up for me at a big-box store on clearance for $2.50, woohoo!) That means I'm definitely going to continue the pattern down the heel to show it off more. Most of my shoes are clog-style slipons, so this was my inclination anyway.

I think I've picked a pattern for the surprise socks I plan to knit for my niece who is three and a half. Her father is a firefighter, so I'm going to knit the Six Sox Knitalong's Chutes and Ladders pattern and call it Hoses and Ladders. But I'll do it in pink because she loves all things pink from what I hear.

So there you have it. Progress on all sock knitting projects, one way or another!

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