Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Lacy sock-for-me progress

Ta da!
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Check out my tiny little fold-up sock-knitting notes, with handy-dandy yarnover diagrams and the four-row pattern I'm following. I'm knitting this sock at swim lessons and baseball until I get the heel flap stitches on Son2's navy blue sock picked up and the gusset decreases set up. From his sock-the-first, I learned that I need to concentrate until I get the decreases set up well. Perhaps sock-the-second will go better (I can only hope!).


Amy said...

Oooo, pretty so far!

TKinOKC said...

Very pretty.

How many pairs of socks have you knit?

Barbara said...

Thanks for the kind words! I have finished one pair of socks (for me, in worsted weight crazy-variegated acrylic). I am nearly done with a pair for Son2 -- once I get the gusset decreases going on the second sock it'll be lickety-split.

I'm going to make a tiny duplicate of each sock I finish, as a record. I'll try my hand at that when I'm done with Son2's socks.