Sunday, June 19, 2005

They asked! Knitting boys

This afternoon my sons begged me to teach them to knit -- ! I rustled up some yarn and needles, cast on for each boy, and proceeded to wear myself out teaching and coaching them for the next little while. They came back to it every half hour or so until after dinner. I did some coaching each time, and in between I'd fix some of their problems so it'd be easier when they came back to it. They're starting to catch on!

Son2 asked first, and now he knits:
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Son1 now also knits:
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MJ said...

That is so wonderful! Think of all the spatial neurons, patterning, and 3D interpretation your boys are developing!

My 10 yo nephew asked me to teach him to crochet. His dad squelched that one when he saw us get started. So sad. I couldn't remember at the time the name of the pro-football knitter to use as a retort. I remember it now...Rosy Greer (sp???).

Barbara said...

As my dear husband would say about the neurons etc. -- Yeppers!

Men were the knitters in various societies long before women (or for a long time in between?!). I think Rosie Grier did needlepoint, but the point's the same, right?