Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Nearby oil tank fire

Oil tank on fire this morning, about 10 am, a city block from my house. There were flames at the bottom and top of the tank, and smoke from both the bottom and the top. Yikes. View from the west, the distance of a normal block north from my house.
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The fire was out by 11 am, when we headed out for swim lessons. Lots of responders still there, blocking the road and doing whatever they were doing. The road was clear by 12:15 pm when we returned, with lots of water at the sides of the road, a tanker or some such and some pickups near the tanks, and a single fire truck and crew parked at the access from the road. View from the north.
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Distance shot, showing the oil pump and tanks, the road, and some of the responders. From the north.
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MJ said...

Oh Yikes is right! I hope no one was hurt at the site of the accident!

Barbara said...

No one was hurt, at least according to the newspaper coverage (front page! below the fold). The pump just pumps away all on its lonesome almost all of the time (oil at $60 a barrel...), except when a tanker truck stops by. Very occasionally someone is there and briefly does something or other at the pump or the tanks.

Today the smoke-scorched tank has been repainted. Huh.