Friday, June 10, 2005

Mother of sons

I have three brothers, all of whom now tower over me. I remember my mom joking about and just plain noticing as each got bigger than her (and bigger, and bigger -- she's about 5'3", I think, and they all reached at least 6'2" as adults). My oldest, age 9 1/2, now stands a bit taller than my nose, and I've been remembering Mom's experience and bracing for my own. In late winter we discovered that Son1 could wear my crew socks if he was out of clean socks. They were a bit big, but would do in a pinch. Oh boy.

Last night I paused near the kids' coat-and-hat-and-backpack peg rack, under which are lined up their shoes and sandals. I looked down, and realized that Son1's new sandals were at least as big as my flipflops. His feet might even be bigger than mine by now. Oh. My.

Very mixed feelings. Momma pride in who he is becoming... curiousity as to exactly how big he is going to be! ...and sweet memories of gone-forever tiny pearl baby toes. Awwww.

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