Monday, June 20, 2005

Baseball and Tball final spin-up

Tonight both Son2 and Son1 had ball games, and we learned that Son2 has a rainout makeup game tomorrow night. Son1's team started their baseball tournament tonight and lost, so their next game is Thursday night. Son2 has his final Tball game Wednesday night.

In other words, two games tonight, one Tuesday, one Wednesday, one Thursday. And that might be the end of baseball and Tball for this year, unless Son1's team wins on Thursday and stays in the tournament. The cool thing? The rest of this week's games start at 7 pm or later, so we can eat dinner at home beforehand, yay!

The other cool thing is that it turned out Toby Keith, famous country singer who lives in our town, was coaching the team Son1 played tonight. Huh! Whaddaya know.

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