Sunday, June 19, 2005

Front garden in bloom

What IS blooming in my front garden bed near the front entryway (photos from early June): sunny yellow coreopsis, yellow pansies, yellow-tipped russet Mexican hat, and, beyond the Mexican hat, the flat disks of russet-orange-yellow Indian paintbrush blossoms. Rising above them on the right are the beginning buds of daylilies, which started blooming more recently (clear orange with russet throats). Cheery!
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I can't believe the pansies are still doing great (they're tucked under the coreopsis leaves on the left, and past the Mexican hat on the right). Many days in the 90s, and yet they're fine. Wow.

I love Mexican hat. Love, love, love it and I don't know why.
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Amy said...

Beatiful! :)