Friday, July 01, 2005

Our list of fun for summer

In early June we started talking about fun things we wanted to do this summer. I grabbed a piece of paper and started writing them down. As we think of new things we've been adding to the list, which is now three pages long. We've done some of these now; I may tape the list on the pantry door so we think about it more often.

Make bubbles with Zome shapes
Go swimming
Grow tomatoes
Eat our own tomatoes
Look at the National Geographic magazines (we have two years of these, and I want to enjoy or toss them!)
Have snacktime at an upscale bakery/coffeeshop
Eat dinner from Sonic Drive-in before or at baseball
Make ice cream
Go to the science museum in the city
See an Omnidome movie in the city
Go to the children's museum (an hour away)
Attend an outdoor concert in a park
Make cookies
Send mail to grandparents
Go for walks in our neighborhood
Visit the new splash/spray play area in a local park
Buy snow cones from a snow cone stand
Do Mario Cart racing (video game) as a family on Friday evenings
Son1: learn to make cookies, pancakes, waffles, coffeecake, bread, pizza, pizza rolls, pie, cake (oh my!)
Play Frisbee at our neighborhood park
Go on bike rides with Daddy
Make pizza
Order pizza for dinner
Son2: read books with Mommy (oops)
Son2: learn to read
Buy toys and/or candy with their own money
Eat dinner from Subway
Go to a local game store to sell, look at/play, and buy games (console and handheld)
Look at rental games at a video rental store
Visit the library (of course!)
Borrow movie DVDs from the library and from friends
See a movie at a theater
Son1: see The Revenge of the Sith (if we give permission)
Go to a AAA baseball game in the city
Watch our Star Wars DVDs (episodes 4-6)
Play board games
Play cards
Have a good friend overnight
Get a fish and a fishbowl (end of summer -- after our trip)
Play mini golf
Son1: go fishing with Daddy
Ride a city bus
Son1: learn to cook on the grill (with Daddy supervision)
Ride the city trolley bus


TKinOKC said...

That list makes me tired! How will you do it all? :-)

We'll be doing some of the same things. Including coming to the new sprayground there in Norman!!

Thanks for the reminders of some fun summer things to do!!

Barbara said...

I have no plan to do it ALL, or at least not by the end of summer; that's my secret! This way the kids don't feel that I'm forgetting what they want to do, and we can look at all of our ideas any time we want to do "something".

MJ said...

That is a fun list! We made bubbles with Bev Bos' bubble shapes. It was fun to dispell that bubbles could only be round. Enjoy teh rest of summer, and checking off things on your list!