Sunday, July 18, 2004

Why a blog?

Now that I've told some people that I have a blog, and I might have some visitors (!), I suppose I might explain why I am writing a blog.

I'm not blogging to write a diary or journal, in the sense of writing to myself. I think of this more as an opportunity to muse about things enough to have something to write. And put that writing where friends, family, and anyone else can stop by to catch a sense of what I've been thinking about lately. I suppose it's a journal or diary in that the thoughts tumbling around -- whatever I want to set down for others -- will often relate to what's going on in my life and my family life. Oh, okay, I guess it could be simply a journal! But I deny any commitment to be here daily or whatever; I'm bad at that long-term stuff.

My typical "hmmm" topics that might show up here: life with kids, managing a household - a family - a budget, simplicity, frugal living, gardening, cooking, baking, needlework, and enriching the boys' schooling ("afterschooling") with an eye to perhaps homeschooling someday. I also like the idea of giving you all a peek into our book stacks -- mine, the reading son's, the family stack.

More faith-oriented things will be over at my other blog, Faith at Home & other such things.


J o y c e said...

Hi Barbara - I got linked over here some another blog, probably mine.

I was wondering how old your son is? Mine turns 9 when school gets back in session :)


Barbara said...

Thanks, Joyce, for stopping by! My oldest is 8 1/2 (my younger son is 4).