Sunday, July 25, 2004

Secret revealed: Frontier, Colonial House fan!

My husband knows I'm a totally sucker for the two most recent PBS/Brit collaborative historical reality TV shows Frontier House and Colonial House. I cannot explain it, I'm just gaga for these two shows. Frontier House gets me with the "do it yourself, there's no one else to rely on and there's no electricity" and Colonial House gets me with the "do it together, there's no one else to rely on, and there's no Industrial Revolution yet," with real people like me and real families with older kids.

Colonial House was set in 1628 on the coast of Maine.
Colonial House at PBS
Behind the scenes CH articles from the source, Plimoth Plantation
Unofficial CH site
Old links for CH
CH discussion board at Television without Pity
Colonist Jeff Lin's journal
Colonist Don Wood's email group
Links to interviews with the CH colonists

Frontier House was set in 1883 in Wyoming.
Frontier House at PBS
Old links for FH

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