Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Rain, rain go away

Is it too crazy that I last blogged about metaphorical rainy days and we got hit with a whole lot of actual, real, wet rain? Outdoors was somewhat flood-ish by midmorning. The kids' swim lessons were held at the indoor pool this morning, and afterward we walked through 3 inches of running water in the street to get to our car's doors (all wearing wash-n-wear sandals).

It started raining sometime before dawn, I think, and poured all morning. Slowed to a steady drizzle, then petered out to a gentle rain and finally a persistent sprinkle before quitting.

Can you tell I grew up in the Seattle area, which provided me with many ways to describe liquid precipitation? Hehe.

No water fights outside today; instead, Son2 (age 4)suited up in shorts, t-shirt, rainboots, and raincoat to splash in the puddles and gutter at the end of the driveway. Yesterday and the day before the boys had fun water fights, interrupted by long stretches spent watching the water flow into the gutter and down the street; they floated bits of leaves and who knows what in the running water. I let them do that for maybe an hour and then made them turn off the water. We have a flat rate water fee around here, but still, an hour of water play is enough...

Today the water was free for all.

Due to the cool weather and gloomy skies, I was willing to "slave over a hot" waffle iron tonight, making whole-wheat yogurt waffles from a recipe by Ken Haedrich in his cookbook Country Breakfasts. Dear husband made scrambled eggs upon my request, and the 3 guys slathered their waffles with all sweet things.

I, mindful of the simple-carb-and-sugar rush (bleagh), ate plenty of eggs and slathered most of my waffles with plain yogurt and a drizzle of syrup. And ate moderately. Probably means I'll be hungry tonight before falling asleep. Good side: I have LOTS of leftover waffles to freeze and, later, nuke or toast. I think tomorrow's breakfast will be toasted waffles with peanut butter. My perfect breakfast, something hearty I can eat one-handed and the kids can fix for themselves, lol!

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