Saturday, July 17, 2004

Balancing act?

Parents seem to talk about finding balance, or the great juggling act of time, energy, responsibilities, etc. Of course it's not restricted to those who have children at home. I've concluded that the balancing point is never a resting place, but something you experience and then it's gone, around the time you realize where you were.

It has something to do with being present to the moment. Playing dominoes or board games on the floor with your kids. Chatting with the neighbors while your kids all play together, sometimes basketball or chalk drawing on the driveways, other times bike riding on the sidewalk, water gun fights, or flashlight tag in the gathering dusk. Singing silly songs together in the car. Watching your kids play some game of their own creation together, having a great time.

It's just a moment or two, maybe longer, and then it's gone. Kind of like the flash of a firefly in flight over a summer-warm grassy place. Savor the memory. Be ready for the next one.

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