Friday, July 23, 2004

Book stack changes

We did a library trip yesterday, and came home with a whole new armload of books. Well, okay, nowadays I'm making the boys carry their own books! I turned in Mom's Big Book of Baking, a few other things, and the books the boys were done with, including A Street Through Time, by Anne Millard. Wonderful book.

I wasn't really looking for anything, but ended up borrowing several books on display that caught my eye — Landscaping for Wildlife: A guide to the southern Great Plains, From My Mexican Kitchen, by Diana Kennedy, The Lord Is My Shepherd: The healing wisdom of the twenty-third psalm, by Rabbi Harold Kushner — and some homeschooling books. Maybe the Diana Kennedy book will inspire me to try some recipes. I've always wanted to read something by Rabbi Kushner -- and the Good Shepherd is such a central theme for young kids in Godly Play. Double reason to take a look at this book.

I snapped up other displayed books for the younger son, including a read-aloud I think we would all enjoy: If the World Were a Village: A book about the world's people, by David J. Smith. For the older son I got books to continue the series he's reading (WW2-era adventures, and Narnia) or the same type of book (adventures at different times in American history); he was busy in the comfy kid reading area with a Goosebumps book.

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