Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Make way for the new

I'm really trying, I really am, to pack away Christmas. I NEED to clear the decks by bedtime Thursday; on Friday morning I'm going to host 11 people and their little kids, and teach the grownups to make homemade bread. I need the room!

The decorations are down, the cards and Christmas letters are neatly stacked for a last read-through, everything is off the tree but the lights, and the storage boxes are ready and waiting. It's just that... I packed so haphazardly last year and didn't have enough room for everything anyway that I used the old Easter box for the last of the Christmas stuff and then didn't have anywhere to put the Easter stuff, and... this time I'm determined to put away everything in a sensible way. But I need to get it done by *tomorrow*. At the same time as I prep for Friday morning's breadmaking lesson! I believe a good Thursday morning plan will be: make strong coffee, eat a good breakfast, and power into it.

After the holiday boxes are packed and stowed in the sunroom (until dear husband can put them in the attic this weekend), I'll seriously clear off my kitchen counters, get 1-2 bags of flour from the freezer, and find places for the two stand mixers I borrowed. At some point tomorrow the boys and I will edit their playroom toys for the slew of kids who'll be here, too.

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