Saturday, January 29, 2005

Stay-at-Home Mom's Life Bursts with Excitement!

It's been 24 hours full to bursting with stay-at-home-mom excitement, hahaha. I cleaned the kitchen to a new level of "done" -- until tomorrow, anyway. I finished plans for the Son1 birthday party we're hosting tomorrow with a car-racing theme (MarioKart Double Dash video gaming as teams, and other fun things). I detailed the tub in my bathroom and took a wonderful bath for the first time in months; I'd forgotten how much I enjoy a hot bath! We learned a family member's metastasized cancer has shown up in yet another spot, and chemo and radiation are back on the table as possibilities -- sigh. Prayers continue. I discovered yet again that any dinner is better with homemade bread, and crunchy homemade breadsticks make it even better. I trimmed both boys' unruly shaggy hair, and discovered that cutting my own hair for over a year has built up my confidence and experience, yay. I worked on the MOMS Club February newsletter and brought it a little closer to being finished.

That's about it, other than hanging out with the kids this morning and again this evening as they and dear husband played video games; I enjoyed catching up on my homemaker magazines (Family Circle, Better Homes and Gardens, and the latest King Arthur Flour Baker's Catalogue) between stretches of watching their gaming.

Still pending for this weekend: refresh my memorization of the parable of the leaven for my Godly Play class tomorrow morning; pick up birthday gift for Son2 to take to a birthday party after Son1's party ends; buy chocolate cookies, chocolate ice cream, fun whipped cream in a can, and chocolate syrup for Son1's "dirt cake"-like ice cream sundae that we'll serve at his party; set up some activities and make "best at..." certificates for the party; call a sister-in-law with our happy-40th-birthday-wishes; mock up a Web site concept for a friend/client; mock up the household budget for February :) I suspect dinner will be a frozen-dinner-exchange meal from the freezer, and that's a wonderful thing.

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