Saturday, January 08, 2005

Looks like the party's over...

The party went great, with lots of friends and conversation, kids playing, and yummy food and drink. I gave up making the chocolate cake in order to declutter in earnest Thursday and Friday -- WOW the house looks great! Even the day after! In addition to simply putting much stuff away, I worked hard to clear all horizontal surfaces and find "away" places for that stuff. I even cleared off the fridge; everything did a disappearing act except my favorite Doonesbury cartoon and all of the extended-family snapshots. I guess decluttering what you see is as important as putting things in their right places. It's sooooo nice.

Well, except for one single closet that's stacked full in an organized manner 'cause I know exactly where certain bags and boxes are headed now that the party is over and I want to make SURE they get out the door (clothes being passed on to friends, for example). The other exception is of course my tornado-aftermath-lookalike office, but that's the loft at the top of the stairs and no one is supposed to go there, LOL! It is crying out for some basic organization and tossing-of-old-papers. We'll see if I answer that cry sooner rather than later.

Onward into the new year.


J o y c e said...

Decluttering - your home sounds so organized! I love it.

I did that a bit ago and all I have left to do is "my office" and it's going to be a big chore. You have encouraged me to tackle it though.

I think our sons are the same age? Mine is 9.

Amy said...

Congrats on the decluttering! I need to do even more of that although I feel like I've done so much already - but it doesn't *look* like it, lol.

Just wanted to let you know I needed to move my blog (long story):