Sunday, January 30, 2005

The vocation of the family

...a crucial part of Christian family life [is] the vocation of the family and its members to transform the world through sacrificial service for neighbor.
...if a family can afford to live on one salary and to have one parent that is not employed, then the opportunities for ministry and service are extraordinary. The person freed from paid employment may be able to do things in the community that would never have happened otherwise...

I love discovering little mind-blowing countercultural stuff like that. Both quotes are from "A Response to Don Browning's 'Critical Familism, Civil Society, and the Law,'" by Rebekah Miles, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University.

I also love it when the Web is a web drawing me along from one discovery to another. I read the above article after finding the first response by Amy Laura Hall of Duke University Divinity School. I was exploring her online writings tonight after reading an announcement of her upcoming lecture at the Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest. (Yes, I occasionally poke around seminary Web sites. So sue me!) More on her soon.

UPDATE: Arrgh, I should read more carefully. Amy Laura Hall's lecture was back in December. Also, I corrected my link to the ETSS page about her.

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