Friday, January 28, 2005

Bread has been made

Ten people came, with kids; bread was made and eaten, cinnamon rolls were made, pizza dough was made and put in the fridge for tonight (the actual making-pizza stage would've been after everyone left). All went wonderfully, as far as I can tell, except the second batch of Cuban bread, which didn't rise properly. I pointed out to everyone that I think I hadn't paid enough attention to realize that it hadn't risen enough and wasn't ready to bake, and that all it needed (probably) was more time. After everyone left and I'd taken Son2 to school, I made myself a cup of fresh, hot coffee and put my feet up! Oh, and emailed the recipes to everyone. Thank you, friends who washed up the bowls and so on -- that was wonderful, too.


dazeymae said...

Congrats on a class well done.
I'd like to try those recipes.

Barbara said...

I can quickly point you to the cinnamon roll recipe online. It's the Cinnamon Buns recipe at King Arthur Flour in the Our Favorite Recipes section. I didn't use any of the King Arthur products and instead used the alternatives like vanilla and nonfat dry milk, is all. It's a wonderful recipe.