Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Stuff update

News flash: if, after wayyyy more than 48 hours (and a sleepover, my excuse), the closet Stuff is still lining the hallway, the kids can help -- especially if some of it is their Stuff.

Here's how: keep drinking your coffee and reading when the kids discover that the row of containers on top have THEIR detritus from the last 6-12 months, and haul it off to their room to dump on the floor for seriously fun exploration. Let the floor remain covered in old kid detritus for two more days, then drag everyone's derriere in there, and start sorting.

A trash bag within arms reach is extremely helpful. Also, I made them put their sorted things in common. I.e., put Lego stuff in the Lego bin... huge pile of goofy little toys in a big bucket just for goofy little toys... stickers and animal-shaped erasers from Grandma C to the art and writing/doodling cupboards, respectively...

As it turned out, I was DONE allowing them to pile up every semi-demi-hemi-precious object in their small "it's mine" boxes. Instead, all cars together, all Lego together, and if you can remember which is yours, enjoy the thought while you play. Extra-special stuff may still be squirreled away, but let's discriminate a bit as to what is "special," shall we? I ought to write that thought on my arm in pen for my own Stuff!

Now, to finish the ex-closet Stuff. Perhaps I ought to direct the kids' attention to the other containers of their Stuff. Or, now that I've gotten rolling, drag the trash bag over and deal with it myself, eh?

The last part of this Stuff turns out to be kitchen Stuff that I've lived without for 15 months. I'm putting 90 percent of it out for the charity pickup that's coming next Wednesday. My goal: a HUGE pile for charity, and get the nooks and crannies of the house clear once again!


Hula Doula said...

YAY FOR YOU!! Being so motivated to clean up has motivated me!!!

Julie D. said...

It must be that time of year. Everywhere I turn I find myself thinking, "Haven't used THAT stuff in over a year ... time to toss it all." I used to be notorious for getting rid of anything that I wasn't using "right that moment!" Then my husband talked me out of the immediacy and ... well, now stuff is piled up everywhere. Time for the sorting to start at our house!