Sunday, August 15, 2004

Pics from the last 8 days

Son2 observing Son1 being "crushed" by the giant woolly mammoth (sculpture) at our local natural history museum. Posted by Hello

The boys frolicking near the Celtic cross on the church grounds after our all-ages evening vacation church school a week ago. It's all about the wall. Silly boys! Posted by Hello

This wasn't all on one day -- you knew that, right? I mean, it could've been, technically, but it wasn't. Anyway, check out the at-dusk visit to the snow-cone stand. Flavors: Son2 - peach. Son1 - toxic waste (it was grey, I kid you not). Dear husband - lemon lime. Me - brown cow (chocolate and coconut). Posted by Hello

For your viewing pleasure: a simple yet effective way to display books for the kids. Summertime only, believe me! Have I mentioned that we decorate in Children's and Family Activities?? On the left: ancient history and Olympics, with fiction in front. Middle: Vote! and related books. Right: a mix of mostly picture books. Posted by Hello

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Hula Doula said...

Looks like a great time.