Sunday, August 08, 2004

Sleepover hangover, or somethin'

There was a sleepover. It involved four boys age 8 1/2 or so. It involved 3-5 hours of sleep for said boys. It was two nights ago. It was at someone else's house. Our entire family is just now recovered!

How is it that a fun Friday evening cookout with three families, in which two families leave their boys for the night and return the next noontime to pick them up, somehow sucks all of the energy out of the weekend? Not in a bad way, but it's completely amazing.

Son1 had his first sleepover, spent the evening 'til late playing in their pool, went to bed after playing a 'civilization'-like computer game and a midnight Yu-Gi-Oh tournament (he reported). That night Son2 went to bed immediately upon arriving home -- about an hour late -- and dear husband and I both stayed up wayyyy too late.Son1 slept poorly 'cause he was cold -- so it goes -- and played in the pool again after breakfast. We picked him up just before noon.

Half an hour after we got home, he dragged himself off to bed. I sung him to sleep as always (sung prayers from church), and he slept for two hours. During which time dear husband laid down for a nap. Son1 got up and dear husband continued sleeping. Son1 read, watched TV, drank a bunch of water, and went back to bed a couple of hours later, then both sleeping guys got up for dinner -- ?!? Son1 and Son2 went to bed agreeably at their regular times, and I went to bed not too late; no idea what dear husband did. Son1 is still tired today, but seems to be somewhat caught up on his sleep and eating and drinking of water.

So Saturday was really odd for us, with half the household in bed at any one point in the day (or so it seemed). Son1 had a wonderful time with three of his best pals from school, and yet appreciated being back in his family routine. I'm not sure what I think of all of this!


Julie D. said...

I sure know that feeling! It got to a point where we forbade sleepovers for a couple of years until everyone got to the age where WE could sleep because they were old enough to be responsible. Now we have sleepovers of 10 or more. Of course, it is girls so that's a bit easier ...

Barbara said...

Since we weren't hosting, our only problem was that we stayed up wayyy too late ourselves -- goofs! That's definitely what made the day after so odd.

Recently I heard of a mom-and-kids sleepover, when the host's husband was out of town. The moms AND the kids stayed over. It sounded like great fun for the moms (mostly ice cream and a fun movie after the kids crashed), and certainly the adult-to-kid ratio would be pretty decent. Perhaps that should be my model. Hee!

Julie D. said...

Now THAT'S a sleepover I could really enjoy! Thanks for the idea!