Saturday, August 14, 2004

Let's learn to read... tshirts!

Lately Son2 (age 4 1/2) has been asking to read. I've brought out the Bob books that Grandma C gave us and we've worked through the first four books. After we've sounded/read through each book, Son2 reads it again to anyone breathing — Son1, Daddy, me. Daddy is very patient at teaching him to sound out the words.

Just now I heard Daddy patiently teaching Son2 to sound out "Nittany Lions" from the Penn State tshirt he's wearing. LOL!

We are a Penn State family (we met there in grad school, meteorology) -- or at least we grownups are. Son1 is seriously inclined to the local school, OU, to our chagrin (did I mention we're a PSU family?!?). Son2, well... obviously dear husband is working to avoid a similar fate for him, our sole Sooner-born offspring.

News flash: Son2 just ran to Daddy from the bedroom and showed off his Penn State tshirt. For now the indoctrination is working, heehee.


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Dy said...

LOL- that's how we decorate, too! I love it!

Penn State is a good one- BIL graduated from there, and on New Year's we were hosted by an absolutely wonderful couple- the husband is a professor there. Had a BLAST!